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Call for Papers TVET@Asia Issue 20: Governance of TVET in the era of digitalization and sustainable development Editors: Thomas Schröder (TU Dortmund University, Germany)Paryono Paryono (SEAMEO VOCTECH, Brunei Darussalam)Sommai Pivsa-Art...

Digital assistance systems for practical vocational training in inter-company training centres in the metal industry

Digitisation in TVET must be actively shaped. Digitisation offers opportunities for work-based or work-oriented learning in different learning locations (Schröder & Dehnbostel 2019) and can combine experiential learning in virtual space with the reality of individual competence development (Schröder 2014). In Germany, inter-company vocational training centres (VTC are an important site of learning for dual vocational training. They complement and support in-company vocational training in small and medium-sized enterprises and are considered drivers of innovation for the introduction of new digital technologies. Against this background, digital assistance systems (DAS) should virtually accompany and support trainees’ practical vocational learning in VTC.

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Call for Papers TVET@Asia Issue 18: Digitalization in TVET – New Forms of Learning for the Future of Work Editors:Yuk-Kwan Ricky Ng (Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong, SAR)Christina Hong (Technological Higher Education Institute...

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Call for Papers TVET@Asia Issue 16: TVET teacher training for the future of work and learning TVET personnel – teachers and trainers in companies, vocational schools and other educational contexts – are crucial for enhancing and assuring the...

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Preparing TVET Personnel to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals - Objectives, Concepts, and Experiences   Editors:  Margarita Pavlova (The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR) Yuk Kwan Ricky Ng (Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong, SAR)  Shakil...

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