Thi Kim Oanh Duong


Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Vietnam


Issue 7, Issue 10

Field of expertise/main research projects:
Teaching methods and assessment

Articles byThi Kim Oanh Duong

A new approach for Assessment of Pedagogical Competence of students at higher education institutions of technology and education in Vietnam

Competence-Based Assessment (CBA) is a new approach for assessing pedagogical competence of students in higher education institutions of technology and education in Vietnam. CBA is the process of collecting evidences and making judgments on whether competence has been achieved. CBA does not provide students with evidences to recognize their own knowledge and skills from dealing with real-world problems, but regulate teaching and learning. This research mentioned on a brief literature review on CBA and revealed a status of assessing pedagogical competence in training students to become Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) teachers at higher education institutions of technology and education in Vietnam. Quantitative and qualitative methods were used to gather data associated with CBA in general and the application of this approach in assessing pedagogical competence of students.

Development of a Training Process of Engineering Students’ Collaborative Problem-Solving Competency through Organizing Experiential Learning Activities – A Case Study in Vietnam

The collaborative problem solving (CPS) competency is one of the important competencies meeting requirements of any job position in the 21st century. Researches have concentrated on assessing and developing high school students’ CPS competency rather than engineering students. Furthermore, researches also indicate that organizing experiential learning (EL) activities is one of the most effective ways to develop students’ CPS competency. Therefore, research on developing CPS competency by organizing EL activities was conducted in Vietnam. The main purpose of the study is to find a process of training engineering students’ CPS competency by organizing experiential learning activities. 

Developing core competencies of students through Competence Based Assessment at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education

Core competencies can be defined as personal attributes or underlining characteristics, which, combined with technical or professional skills, enable an individual to fulfill a role/job. Core competencies such as problem solving or teamwork are basic/fundamental for technical competencies. To meet requirements of employers in Vietnam regarding engineers’ and technicians’ technical competencies and core competencies, higher education institutions should support students to develop these competencies in process of leaning. This paper reviews some theoretical approaches to Competence and Competence Based Assessment and applies them by developing core competencies of students at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education. The application of Competence Based Assessment in developing core competencies of students must be consistent with learning outcomes, teaching methods and assessment.

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