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Learning management strategies for in-service training of vocational instructors in Lao PDR – Using collaborative learning and a professional learning community approach in authentic situations: a case of automotive technology

Most vocational teachers in Lao PDR lack practical and industrial experience, experience in applying new instructional and training strategies, and opportunities for continuing professional development in collaboration with enterprises. The overall aim of the research was to develop a learning management strategy (LMS) model to enhance and evaluate the professional competencies of vocational teachers. The objective of the study was to develop an LMS using a professional learning community approach and collaborative learning in authentic situations. Based on an analysis of the context of TVET teacher development, the LMS was developed and implemented in training 24 purposively selected TVET teachers participating in continuing professional development. The study employed a one-group, pretest-posttest design. Data were collected from questionnaires, interviews, lesson plans, competency assessment manuals using both pre- and posttests, logbooks, observations, and focus group discussions.

Developing standards of vocational teacher at bachelor level in Lao PDR

On 11th February 2013 the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) declared by decree (cp. MoES 2013) the standards developed by the Faculty of Engineering as binding for the education of vocational teachers at bachelor level in Lao PDR. Which development preceded the enacting of this important decree?

All stakeholders involved in vocational education agree that the quality of vocational training in Lao PDR matches neither the requirements of the Lao labour market, nor the requirements of a future ASEAN market. At the same time, there is agreement about the fact that the quality of the training depends most crucially on the teachers’ competency. As a direct consequence the Ministry of Education and Sports appointed the Faculty of Engineering, more specifically the relevant Vocational Teacher Education Department (VTED), to develop standards for vocational teachers.

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