Prof. Dr.Vladimir Blinov

Head of the Centre

Federal Institute for Development of Education

Russian Federation

Field of expertise/main research projects:

Articles byVladimir Blinov

Digital Didactics: New field in the Education’s Philosophy

Digitalization, digital economy is a concept that is linked in the world with the concepts of Industry 4.0 and “Smart Industry”. IT influences all spheres of people’s lives. In education, digital technologies are often seen as new tools for old didactics. This article is devoted to the consideration of didactic principles of VET educational process in times of digitalization. The authors discuss how the content of these principles is transformed and refer to the fundamental difference of VET digital didactics in relation to the traditional one.

Dual VET in Russia: progress, problems and perspectives

The topic of dual vocational education and training in Russia has become especially popular since 2013, when the project of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), which was called “Training of personnel, which is meeting the requirements of high-tech industries based on dual education” was launched. Methodical support of the project was carried out by the Federal Institute for Development of Education (FIRO). At the same time, a project on Dual VET by the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) VETnet was launched, which is still ongoing.

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