Online competitions for the best projects related to Green is one way to spark students’ interest in ecologically friendly production and incorporate green TVET in curricula. This paper reviews foundation, implementation, and a pilot trial at the community college level of a free educational platform combining crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and crowdgaming designed to conduct online student competitions. Students can showcase their projects online (crowdsourcing), collaborate, comment, offer improvements, and rate posted projects (peer rating). Such project based learning can be combined with service learning: links of non-profit organizations and their sponsors are added to student pages. The system enables students to create free galleries (e-portfolios) with sub-galleries on various topics, including Green. Various crowdfunding mechanisms including donations and sponsorship can provide support for the competitions. Elements of serious (educational) Reality Role Playing Game can be incorporated to enhance student involvement in learning. The system can be adapted to any language, level, and TVET topics. The competitions can be run on a level of one class, school, or multiple school partners. Competitions involving international partners have a great potential to engage students in learning the best environmentally safe and prudent processes.