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Field of expertise/main research projects Electrical Engineering Education

Articles byI Wayan Ratnata

Enhancing the image and attractiveness of TVET

The image and attractiveness of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) constitutes an interesting topic that needs to be discussed. The issues related to this not only exist in developing countries but also in developed countries. In many countries to the present day TVET is rated second class education. Parents who can afford it rarely send their son and/or their daughter to a vocational school. They predominantly prefer general education.

This paper gives some insight into the issues of the image and attractiveness of TVET in Indonesia and in the efforts and measures to increase them. Data from China, India, South Korea and Russia show, that these countries have similar problems and apply similar strategies to overcome them. In most societies TVET graduates are not considered to be ready for work.

Cooperative, regional development and implementation of new Curricula in Vocational Teacher Education – experiences and reflections

As part of the Regional Cooperation Platform for Vocational Teacher Education in Asia (RCP), four vocational teacher training institutions from Vietnam (Namdinh University of Technology Education – NUTE), Laos (Faculty of Engineering/ National University of Laos – FE/ NuoL), Indonesia (Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education/ Indonesia University of Education – FPTK/ UPI) and China (Institute of Vocational Teacher Education – IBB/ Tongji University) have been developing core curricula for Vocational Teacher Education (VTE) in Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Electrical Engineering (EE) at Bachelor Degree.

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