This study evaluates a TVET teacher education model of Islamic University of Technology (IUT) at the Bachelor Degree level in terms of its relevance to the occupational tasks of a TVET teacher and identifies the strengths and limitations of the programme. In this descriptive type of study the relevance of the curriculum was determined through a self-designed questionnaire in which the opinions of the teachers who are currently teaching at TVET institutions were gathered on a Likert-type scale. A sample of 50 TVET teachers was considered. The data was further analysed and estimated based on the Weighted Average (WA) of the respondents’ opinions. The study results show that the curriculum of the B.Sc.TE degree programme of IUT is highly relevant to the occupational tasks of TVET teachers and trainers required in the OIC countries, but there is still potential to update the curriculum content. However, the study reveals that the programme has some limitations, particularly in terms of duration and lack of internship training, among others. Finally, the paper ends with some recommendations.