Dr.Gita Subrahmanyam

Research Associate

London School of Economics and Political Science


Issue 16, Issue 19

Field of expertise/main research projects:
TVET, girls’ education, labour market policies, ESD, EMIS, LMIS

Articles byGita Subrahmanyam

Raising the digital capacities of TVET teaching staff: insights and lessons from a trends mapping study

TVET teaching staff play a vital role in providing TVET learners with the digital skills and competencies needed for a rapidly evolving, technologically advancing world of work and learning. Yet in all countries across the world, TVET teachers and trainers encounter multiple challenges both in accessing high-quality, relevant digital skills development opportunities and in obtaining the institutional support needed to effectively integrate technology in their teaching and training practices.

Editorial Issue 16: TVET Teacher Training for the Future of Work and Learning

Editorial Issue 16: TVET Teacher Training for the Future of Work and Learning

Full issue 16
TVET personnel – teachers and trainers in companies, vocational schools and other educational contexts – are crucial for enhancing and assuring the quality of vocational education and training. Yet vocational teacher education has been facing challenges over the past few decades. Whereas the need for qualified TVET personnel is indisputable, many countries face a severe shortage of qualified TVET personnel and have therefore implemented various pathways to enter this profession. However, these personnel need to be equipped with future-oriented competencies to provide action-oriented and work-based learning. They also need to be broadly diversified and multi-professional, and able to bridge the gap between vocational theory and practice (Lipsmeier 2013). They also need to develop the specific competences required to integrate learners from different educational, social and cultural backgrounds.

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