Abdullah Helmy

State Polytechnic of Malang


Issue 1, Issue 5

Field of expertise/main research projects:
Field of expertise/main research projects Vocational Education and Training Other Institution: Victoria University Melbourne FP Campus, Ballarat Road, 3011, Melbourne Australia

Articles byAbdullah Helmy

TVET teachers, a reflection on trends in Indonesia and Australia

Experiences of working on a range of projects connected with Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) and professional development of educators and trainers, in both Indonesia and Australia, have contributed to the authors exploring trends and issues in the preparation and professional development of TVET teachers in the two countries. Whilst both countries are concerned to develop a skilled workforce, their policies and approaches to the TVET educators and trainers have different emphases. In Australia, there are concerns for quality, delivery and outcomes of the TVET sector. Recent policies and reduced financial support particularly of publically provided TVET are diminishing opportunities to undertake TVET education and training, reduce opportunities for learners and impact on the societal context. Indonesia aims to increase TVET delivery.

The role of VET providers in training partnerships with industry in East Java, Indonesia

VET providers are emergent as one of the main and logical providers of labour force training required to revitalise and uphold the attractiveness of this nation’s businesses and industries. On the other hand, to remain competitive in the world market, companies must have highly skilled employees who can keep enterprises economically viable in a global economy. Partnerships between VET providers and industry can be a mutually useful strategy in providing workforce training and in maintaining knowledgeable employees.

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