Dr.Maggie Fung

Curriculum Development Senior Manager,CLAP-TECH Centre

Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong

Field of expertise/main research projects:
curriculum development in Advertising;media effectiveness,advertising appeal,social media communication;studio-based learning

Articles byMaggie Fung

Co-Curriculum Development and Instructional Strategies for Nurturing Content-Creation Skills for the Creative Industry

Young people need creativity and capabilities to thrive in this fast-changing working environment. An Applied Learning course titled Multimedia Storytelling was launched in 2022 to prepare secondary school students to enter vocational education and training programs in the creative media industry. A curriculum team designed and implemented a series of three skills-training co-curricular activities for the first cohort of students. These activities were organized along the lines of Kolb’s experiential learning model to emphasize mutual reinforcement of concrete experience and abstract conceptualization. Participants practised individual and team-based tasks that were commonly found in a creative media company.

Nurturing creative talent with industry partnership in Hong Kong

The creative industries in Hong Kong anticipated a shortage of employment candidates with relevant experience and training. Emerging technologies are transforming current technical and vocational skills. Employees of the future are expected to shoulder tasks that require creativity, analytical skills, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship. This article is a case study of an initiative in Hong Kong to innovate technical and vocational education and training for the information and communications technology (ICT) and the creative industry. The initiative involves a tripartite partnership between secondary schools, industry partners, and Hong Kong Baptist University. The article first discusses the talent needs of the creative industry and the emerging job opportunities in the Art Tech domain.

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