Paryono Paryono

Paryono Paryono

Deputy Director for Professional Affairs and Research Manager
Regional Centre for Vocational and Technical Education and Training of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organisation Brunei Darussalam
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Deputy Director for Professional Affairs and Research Manager and Specialist at SEAMEO VOCTECH. Dr. Paryono joined the Centre in 2005. He is also the network coordinator for the Southeast Asian Vocational Education Research Network or SEAVERN and Senior Research Fellow for UNESCO-UNEVOC Germany. He is seconded from Malang State University, Indonesia at the Faculty of Engineering.
His education and working experiences are strongly related to Workforce Education and Development and Comparative International Education, and Engineering Education.
His research interests include vocational and technical education, qualification frameworks, ICT in education, skills development, and education for sustainable development. He has published research articles related to Technical and Vocational Education and Training in various journals and presented papers in various international conferences.