Antonius Lipsmeier

Antonius Lipsmeier

Prof. Dr.
KIT Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Institute for Vocational and General Education
Issue 2
- After ten years of schooling: apprenticeship in industry within the Dual System as engineering fitter machinist (3 years). Matriculation exam (Abitur) by second chance education (2 years full time course).
- Vocational Teacher Education at university of Saarbruecken (4 years), subjects: Mechanical engineering (main subject), political economy (minor subject) and vocational pedagogy.
- Two years in-service teacher training course in Aachen, second state examination (master’s degree). Assistant lecturer in VTE at different technical universities (Aache, Darmstadt, Hannover). Ph.D. in vocational pedagogy (1969) and post-doctoral-degree (Habilitation) in vocational pedagogy as Kassel University, University for Distance Studies Hagen and Karlsruhe University from 1972 to 2005 (retirement).